The aim of the SOLENT AMPHIBIOUS CHALLENGE is to provide a physically demanding, leadership, navigation and seamanship challenge.  It is a one day multi-event race over land and sea sponsored by STRUDYNA LTD.  The race is open to Service Teams from throughout the UK Armed Forces and each team is to consist of five personnel; a Day Skipper Qualified team leader, two crew members (one competent crew qualified), a runner and a support cyclist.

Yachts will start at 0900 (BST) with all members aboard from a start line at Gillkicker Point.  Boats will then sail west to Yarmouth Marina where the runner and support cyclist will be landed to commence a run along a prescribed route of approximately 25 miles from West to East to BembridgeHarbour at the other end of the island.  The runner is to be entirely supported by a cyclist and at no stage should the runner swap with the cyclist.  The remaining sailing team will then sail as quickly as possible to Bembridge where they will rendezvous with the running team who will both then re-board the yacht.  Should the runner fail to make it to Bembridge by the tidal window then the whole team will be retired from the race.  The boat and whole team will then sail to meet the finish line at Gillkicker which is the same as the earlier start line.  It will be a challenging event for all involved and the activities will require significant effort, stamina, commitment, skill and teamwork in order for a successful performance.

The route is across the length of the Isle of Wight for the running team, the sailing team will operate in the Solent and no further east or south than Bembridge Point and no further west than FortAlbert.  The terrain for the running team will be pathways, tracks and occasionally public roads.  The terrain will be generally hilly or undulating in nature with some steep climbs and a total of over 1600ft of ascent and descent.  As a guide, on a trial event the running route took over 4 and a half hour for a team of fit runners.  The cyclist is there purely in a support and health and safety role to assist the runner safely along the route.  He will carry all the runners drink, food and spare clothing and will be responsible for the runner’s well being throughout the running leg.  He will also be responsible for navigation along the route and for communications with the support vehicle and the team leader on the yacht (as required by mobile phone).  The team leader, who is the yacht master is responsible for selecting his route from the start line to Yarmouth, back to Bembridge and finally to the finishing line.   In so doing he must obey the Race Rules and Regulations, International Collision Regulations and Local Notices to Mariners.


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